Frischluft Lenscare 1.47 for After Effects Full Version



Frischluft Lenscare is a plugin for After Effects to make realistic camera blurs possible.

Frischluft Lenscare AE puts depth of field and out of focus generation into your hands during post production. Lenscare’s many filters were developed to be as realistic and accurate as possible. It allows you to create high-quality camera blurs with the flexibility of 2D post processing, ridding you of long and pesky 3D rendering times. Unlike other depth of field or blur programs, Frischluft Lenscare uses physically-based algorithms to blur pixels based on their depth value. For visually stunning post production lens work, Frischluft Lenscare is one of the best.

Depth of Field: Depth of field effects (dof) happen in all real optical devices to a certain extent. It is heavily used in photography and film as a style element. In computer graphics dof is usually generated using ray tracing techniques which increase rendering times considerably. With Lenscare plugin depth of field effects can be generated fast as a post process. It uses a depth buffer for its calculations.

Out of Focus: ‘Out of Focus’ is a fast Version that creates a blur with constant radius over the complete image. It is a good complement to ‘Depth of Field’ and offers some extra functionality. It is possible to use a custom drawn lens in addition to the generate able ones. ‘Out of Focus’ also offers background distortion for semi transparent areas.









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