VIDEO COPILOT Projectile Weapon Pack for Element 3D



Video Copilot Projectile Weapon Pack for Element 3D

• Over 35 High Definition 3D Models
• Multiple 3D Formats (OBJ, FBX)
• Textured and Ready to Use
• 2K Texture Resolution
• Easily CustomizableTexture Maps
A collection of 3D Models that are ready to use inside your favorite 3D program including the powerful Plug-in Element 3D!




After clicking on the above link, wait for 6 seconds and then click on the


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  • Devin


  • Abdikani Muhamet

    plz can some on explain me how to install this pack completely plz

    • It has a executable installed. Double click on it and follow the instructions.

  • Ranjodh Singh

    Plz tell why projectile weapon not working? This is not visible on my element 3d

    • Don’t know. Works fine here.

      • Ranjodh Singh

        hey its still not working.
        after when i click setup, further in process i cant see cc 2015, it just install of its own. after that when i open AE cc 2015, element doesnt show projectile pack.

        is this support AE cc2015 or not,

        if yes plz at least tell me the right process.

        • Hello, this software extension pack has been tested with Ae v13.7.1 (i.e CC 2015) and Element 3D 2.2.0 and it works fine here. See if it has been installed inside “C:Users”Your User Name”DocumentsVideoCopilotModels”. There should be a file named “Projectile_Weapons.epack” and a folder named “Projectile_Weapons_maps” there.

          • Ranjodh Singh

            yes it is their, and with lots of JPG. file in it. actually after installation there are 2 files.
            1. Projectile_Weapon_Pack (Folder)
            2. Projectile_Weapon.epack ( White color file, 36,001 kb size)

            but still not able to use them

          • Idk about any solution of your problem right now.

          • Ranjodh Singh

            hey i find the solution of my problem.
            installation path said above is ok, but what i did is just copy the 2 file mension and past it in ..
            adobe cc 2015/pluginns/video copilot/model
            and baamm problem solve

            thanx for your upload

          • Cheers! 🙂

  • Nishtai

    Hey, I’m having issues with the installation of this package. It asks to install Microsoft’s LZ Expansion Utility, but no matter what I do, it still says there’s a problem installing the pack. It’s the only pack I’ve had problems with so far. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    • Amit

      The installer is perfectly fine. Install on a different computer if it doesn’t work for you.

    • This installer works fine. Idk about your problem. Try to install on a new computer.

      • Nishtai

        I’ll give it another shot. I actually have the same issue with all the small packs: Sports, Fruit, Projectiles, Casino… they all want to install that LZ Expansion crap. I’ll see if I can make it work on another computer

        • Nishtai

          OK, I don’t know WTF was going on, but I just opened the file with Power Archiver and just placed the files where they belonged. So, I’m good
          Thanks for the quick reply

  • Rahul Parihar

    you r the best

  • Harish Baskar

    does it work in ae2017

  • Rakesh Dey

    Thanks dude