VIDEO COPILOT Shockwave Particle FX



Video Copilot Shockwave Advanced Particle FX

Shockwave is digital stock footage collection of advanced particle animations. Each Element was simulated with real world physics!
• 50 HD Shockwaves (1080p @24fps)
• Great for Visual FX or Motion Graphics
• PreMatted for easy coloring
• QuickTime PhotoJPG, H-264 & ProRes 422 HQ





After clicking on the above link, wait for 6 seconds and then click on the


button at the Right-Top of the browser window to reveal the download link

  • ThiagoS

    Nice! Thank you so much

  • Devin

    please after downloading, when extracting it says file is broken

  • lestat

    Thank You so much!!
    working perfectly

  • Jhonny Lenno

    i can’t exstract this file….
    “help n tanks”

    • Put each rar inside a folder and then hit “extract”. Make sure you have winrar installed.

  • Discord69

    are you managing the page as a team or one single person?

    • Kissanime fan, right?

      • Discord69

        well, its been a while I have watched anime online
        back to the question if I may

        • May I know why you are interested in knowing that?

          • Discord69

            the site is pretty big and products here are expensive, thats why, dont think about this too much lol i am not an fbi or what

          • Haha, you think this site is pretty big? Thank you so much for saying that.

          • Rikky Malviya

            Well You still haven’t answer

  • Kieth Momo

    hello im always visit your site and its help me a lot ,
    may i ask , i download all this or i pick one & download ?

  • harshthakur

    do i have to download them all ??????

    • Marcelo Jardim

      Download all in same folder, then use –WINRAR– to unpack this ! ( Do not use other program !)

  • Aditya Sharma

    Does Anyone Know How To Make Shockwaves React To Audio Files?
    Help Much Appreciated 🙂 Awesome Upload Btw 😉

    • Jia Xian

      They’re called audio spectrum, you can find tutorials on YouTube. Sorry for the late reply

  • Eugene Kwata

    the best site so far. thanks for everything

  • Himanshu Chauhan

    Whenever I’m clicking on download button it takes me to a blank page after that nothing happens no further download link appear no post actions. so can you please provide me a direct download link for all or may be one by one or may suggest some better options?

  • Hemik

    how to use it..??

  • Hemik

    how to install it to after effect..??

  • is free?

    • Sorry?

      • forgive my ignorance, I just want to know if it’s free or not, my English is bad indeed

        • This is a website for pirated products. Everything you see here are dedicated to those who can’t afford. However if you have money to purchase then please help the original developer by purchasing from them. Thank you. Please don’t use these pirated ones for commercial purpose. The goal is to help people learn, not to steal.